Thursday, August 19, 2010


“The sun will come out tomorrow..”  And this summer it is all about conditioning treatments, and UV protection.  Trying to get use to this Georgia heat has been a challenge for me, and my hair.  Between sweating and frizz, summer and I have not been the best of friends.  The days are getting longer and hotter and it is a little harder to keep up with the maintenance of our hair. So here are some helpful tips that will help you ladies deal with this hot summer heat.

1.)    Protection 
 Remember that since you are in the sun a lot it can cause some damage to your hair so you want to use a good heat protector on the hair.  The heat protector will keep your hair from drying up and looking brittle.  Here are some heat protectors I recommend;

·          Dove Therapy Heat Protection

2.)    Hydration
One of the most important things about keeping your hair healthy is keeping it hydrated and moisturized.  A lot of hair textures are prone to dryness which can lead to breakage.  So it is important to increase the amount of moisture in your hair.  Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week or every two weeks for about 15-20mins will help strengthen your hair.   When looking for the right conditioner, look for things like protein, olive oil, and any moisturizing ingredients.   Nexxus Humectress is great a deep conditioner I use on my hair.
Less Heat
Now I know that straightener can be the antidote to all of our hair problems, but put the straightener down! Too much heat on your hair can cause damage such as breakage and split ends.  Instead of blow drying on high heat use the medium heat or air dry your hair.  Yes I know it will be a longer process, but it will pay off in the long run.  For those of you that cannot do without the straightener use lower heat, and this is also where the heat protection comes in handy.
Cut of those ends
Growing your hair can be long processes, sometimes frustrating.  Its tough when you finally see your hair growing and you have to go to the salon and get those ends trimmed.  But don’t be mad at your stylist ladies, believe it or not she/he is actually helping you.  Cutting your ends is a great way to speed up that growth process, because if you do not cut your ends your hair will just keep braking off.  Now you don’t have to trim them every day , but at least  once a month.
 The biggest tip of all to keep you hair looking good this summer is defiantly CONFIDENCE!! Embrace your hair no matter what color, texture, or style and that confidence will shine through.


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