Friday, August 20, 2010

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT....Long Hair vs. Short Hair

        The short hair definitely suites Rihanna face better, and shows off those high cheek bones!

As Lil’ Wayne always says, “long hair, don’t care” but some people would disagree and say short hair is the way to go. Since relocating to Atlanta, I’ve noticied an overwhelming trend of super long hair or a mere short cut. It seems as the in-between style is non-existent. So, the hair question of the day is, which is better? Which team are you pressing for: team long hair or team short hair?
                   Ciara’s face can take any hair style. Both styles look great on her.

Whether your long hair is all yours or purchased from the store, this popular trend has Chi straighteners and Indian remi flying off the racks this summer.When it comes to maintenance, long hair always seems to be more difficult to care for, yet length provides the ability to achieve many more styles.

Let’s be honest though, long hair is cute, classic and guys love it, but sweating in this summer heat trying to be cute gets old. Nowadays, ladies with short hair are giving long hair a run for their money. Everywhere I turn, there is a new hair cut being invented or reinvented. From the Mohawks to low fades many ladies are trying step out of the tresses with these new looks.
I love how Kim changes it up without even cutting her hair. All it takes is some bobby pins, hair spray and some styling cream.

As temperatures rise and summer arrives, many are deciding: Do I stay long or go short? At the end of the day, temperatures can’t be the deciding factor. Hair accentuates your face, so leave the decision-making to your features.

Which style looks best on YOU?

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