Monday, December 27, 2010

Hair Flipper of the week : Garmai Momolu

This weeks hair flipper is wardrobe stylist, blogger extraordinaire, and one of my favorite cousins Garmai.  She puts the 'S' in style with her bold hair cut and natural curls.  This look really shows off her beautiful cheek bones.

I love her hairstyle because some people would think there is not much you can do with a short cut, but she demonstrates that there are a variety of looks that can be pulled off with her cut! 
Check out her blog to get your fashion fix and more info on her :)


Here are some pictures I found that give me inspiration to do some cool and different things with my hair in the new year. 

Love their style but I love their hair more. 
(Moptop Maven and her friend Lori)

Love this look, its chic and easy especilly if you dont feel like doing your hair that day!

This might be my new years hair style! Love these curls.  Is Nia Long ever going to age? she is flawless in this picture.


 I really want to also try some new hair accessories for the spring!

Like I said before I am aiming to go bigger with my hair this year!

You can find your your inspiration anywhere!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I decided to write my new year goals down to get my new year off to the right start.  As of now I only have 14 goals down with most of them having to do with better my life, lose weight, and all that good stuff.  While writing down all my goals I decided it would be nice to have a separate goal list for my hair.  I have talked about changing hairstyles before, but now that we are about to go into a new year every girl should have a list of hair goals. From cutting it to growing it out, change needs to start now!

GOAL # 1
Staying natural
The other day I was so tempted to go down to CVS and get that creamy crack! 0_o  My natural hair was getting on my nerves and being the impatient person that I am (aka Sagittarius) I want things to happy now and fast.  Since things don't work like that I had to calm myself down and realize I have come to far to turn back now! 

GOAL # 2
Work on keeping my hair healthy
I have been keeping up with the maintainence of my hair by keeping it moisturized, using shampoos/conditioners with the right ingredients, and making sure those ends are cut.  (regiment post coming soon)                                                                 


 GOAL #3
Edgy Hairstyles
If you know me then you know I like to keep things simple when it comes to my hair.  Just a simple straight sew in.  But in 2011 I am going to go wild and try something different, that is edgy and HOT!! ;-)

Letting go of the security blanket
 Last but not least, I am going to do something I never thought I be doing and that is letting go of the weave!  for years I have had something in my hair from micros to twist, and now sew ins.  I have just gotten so use to "my weave" that I do not see my self with out it.  So for 2011 my biggest challenge is going to be separating myself slowly from the weave.  Its is a challenge I am willing to take. (post coming soon about my challenge).

What are your New Year hair goals?

"Don't be tardy for the party.."

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I have done a post and I have not neglected you all, I have just been really busy trying to get adjusted to Atlanta, get a good job, and just balance everything out.  But now that things are slowly getting back in order I am going to start posting more, and answering all and any questions! I will be make some changes to the blog, from the name, to even getting a little more personal.  I am excited!!  Lets start the new year off with a BANG!!  ::HAIR FLIP::

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hair Flipper of the Week: Nikole Crowe

This week hair flipper is Nikole Crowe fashion blogger of The Moptop Maven.  I just recently found her on twitter and checked out her blog, and it was love at first site. Her blog is amazing, she has great hair, skin, and fashion tips.  Her hair is gorgeous and yes it is 100% natural.  They always say your should find your hair muse and I think I have found mine.  She is my inspiration to take my hair challenge and let go of my "security blanket"
Check out her blog, its a great one to have on your list! :-) The Moptop Maven

Do's & Dont's: Reasons why no one should have a BAD weave

Now I don't have a problem with wearing weave because I wear weave myself.  What I do have a problem with is BAD weaves.  Since I have been out and about lately I have been noticing some women who wear weaves, but are not taking care of them.  There are many ways to maintain a weave, and here are some tips that might help....

Tip 1  

Don't:  STOP TREATING YOU WEAVE LIKE A WEAVE!!...Weaves can not take care of themselves, I know it looks good the first day, but it does not stay that way for long.

Do: Take care of your weave like it is your hair growing out of your scalp.  Wash your weave with the good shampoo and conditioner, buy that good flat iron.  When I have my weave in I try to wash it every 2 weeks, just to give it a fresh look.

Tip 2
Don't: Try not to be cheap with your weave. Sometimes cheap weave can lead to bad weaves.

Do: Yes some weaves can get a little pricey but you are better off getting a higher end weave and reusing it, instead of always buying the cheap hair every one to two months. 

Tip 3

Don't: Have two different colors in your hair.  If your real hair is black, do NOT put a blonde weave in your hair.

Do: Try your best to make your weave look natural.  Blend...Blend..Blend.  If your are going to wear a weave own it and maintain it as if it is your own.
Love Kelly's hair in this picture, perfect color and blend for her

Tip 4

And last but not least the biggest tip that I can give is to not let your weave be your security blanket.   For years I have held onto my weave, because it made me feel prettier, or I wanted to fit in, or I just felt naked without it.  But the other day I thought to my self that it is time for a life style change, and as you will see in the next couple of post coming up I will be preparing my self for a stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Flipper of the Week


This weeks Hair Flipper is my good friend Meaza (rhymes with plaza)!! She just recently cut her long curly hair off and I love it.  It gives her a new edgy look for her new amazing location in DC.  Obviously Meaza is gorgeous and would look good in any hairstyle, but she is definitely my inspiration to try something new :) ::hair flip::


Have you ever just wanted to change your hair style, but you just don’t know how to go about it? From changing color, to cutting, to even getting extensions?  Well that is the issue I am having right now….I am very bored with my hair!! I want to change it up but I am not sure what route I want to take.  I could go shorter but not with this big head of mine and longer sounds fun but I am not trying to blend in with 50% of the women in Atlanta. 

 I really wish I could be one of those people that are rocking a new look every time you see them.  But since I am not that bold when it comes to my hair, I will definitely try on a wig or two to see what direction I want to go in.  But recently when I was on my search for a new doo, I found this amazing site called Makeovermagic  where you can upload your picture and see how different celebrity hairstyles would look on you.  I have been playing around with it and you never know; you guys might see me with a new hair style in a couple of weeks.  So if you in the same position as me I suggest trying this site out because its not only helpful its really fun! ::Hairflip::

I love Rihanna for her boldness and her trendsetting new hair styles.  It seems as if every time we turn our heads she keeps reinventing herself.

Friday, August 20, 2010

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT....Long Hair vs. Short Hair

        The short hair definitely suites Rihanna face better, and shows off those high cheek bones!

As Lil’ Wayne always says, “long hair, don’t care” but some people would disagree and say short hair is the way to go. Since relocating to Atlanta, I’ve noticied an overwhelming trend of super long hair or a mere short cut. It seems as the in-between style is non-existent. So, the hair question of the day is, which is better? Which team are you pressing for: team long hair or team short hair?
                   Ciara’s face can take any hair style. Both styles look great on her.

Whether your long hair is all yours or purchased from the store, this popular trend has Chi straighteners and Indian remi flying off the racks this summer.When it comes to maintenance, long hair always seems to be more difficult to care for, yet length provides the ability to achieve many more styles.

Let’s be honest though, long hair is cute, classic and guys love it, but sweating in this summer heat trying to be cute gets old. Nowadays, ladies with short hair are giving long hair a run for their money. Everywhere I turn, there is a new hair cut being invented or reinvented. From the Mohawks to low fades many ladies are trying step out of the tresses with these new looks.
I love how Kim changes it up without even cutting her hair. All it takes is some bobby pins, hair spray and some styling cream.

As temperatures rise and summer arrives, many are deciding: Do I stay long or go short? At the end of the day, temperatures can’t be the deciding factor. Hair accentuates your face, so leave the decision-making to your features.

Which style looks best on YOU?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hair Flipper of the Week

I love Eva Mendes sexy tousled hair, she is also one of my favorite celebs that knows how to wear a great up do. From her amazing color and high lights to the lightly cut layers, these hair styles are just HOT HOT HOT. ::HAIR FLIP::


“The sun will come out tomorrow..”  And this summer it is all about conditioning treatments, and UV protection.  Trying to get use to this Georgia heat has been a challenge for me, and my hair.  Between sweating and frizz, summer and I have not been the best of friends.  The days are getting longer and hotter and it is a little harder to keep up with the maintenance of our hair. So here are some helpful tips that will help you ladies deal with this hot summer heat.

1.)    Protection 
 Remember that since you are in the sun a lot it can cause some damage to your hair so you want to use a good heat protector on the hair.  The heat protector will keep your hair from drying up and looking brittle.  Here are some heat protectors I recommend;

·          Dove Therapy Heat Protection

2.)    Hydration
One of the most important things about keeping your hair healthy is keeping it hydrated and moisturized.  A lot of hair textures are prone to dryness which can lead to breakage.  So it is important to increase the amount of moisture in your hair.  Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week or every two weeks for about 15-20mins will help strengthen your hair.   When looking for the right conditioner, look for things like protein, olive oil, and any moisturizing ingredients.   Nexxus Humectress is great a deep conditioner I use on my hair.
Less Heat
Now I know that straightener can be the antidote to all of our hair problems, but put the straightener down! Too much heat on your hair can cause damage such as breakage and split ends.  Instead of blow drying on high heat use the medium heat or air dry your hair.  Yes I know it will be a longer process, but it will pay off in the long run.  For those of you that cannot do without the straightener use lower heat, and this is also where the heat protection comes in handy.
Cut of those ends
Growing your hair can be long processes, sometimes frustrating.  Its tough when you finally see your hair growing and you have to go to the salon and get those ends trimmed.  But don’t be mad at your stylist ladies, believe it or not she/he is actually helping you.  Cutting your ends is a great way to speed up that growth process, because if you do not cut your ends your hair will just keep braking off.  Now you don’t have to trim them every day , but at least  once a month.
 The biggest tip of all to keep you hair looking good this summer is defiantly CONFIDENCE!! Embrace your hair no matter what color, texture, or style and that confidence will shine through.