Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do's & Dont's: Reasons why no one should have a BAD weave

Now I don't have a problem with wearing weave because I wear weave myself.  What I do have a problem with is BAD weaves.  Since I have been out and about lately I have been noticing some women who wear weaves, but are not taking care of them.  There are many ways to maintain a weave, and here are some tips that might help....

Tip 1  

Don't:  STOP TREATING YOU WEAVE LIKE A WEAVE!!...Weaves can not take care of themselves, I know it looks good the first day, but it does not stay that way for long.

Do: Take care of your weave like it is your hair growing out of your scalp.  Wash your weave with the good shampoo and conditioner, buy that good flat iron.  When I have my weave in I try to wash it every 2 weeks, just to give it a fresh look.

Tip 2
Don't: Try not to be cheap with your weave. Sometimes cheap weave can lead to bad weaves.

Do: Yes some weaves can get a little pricey but you are better off getting a higher end weave and reusing it, instead of always buying the cheap hair every one to two months. 

Tip 3

Don't: Have two different colors in your hair.  If your real hair is black, do NOT put a blonde weave in your hair.

Do: Try your best to make your weave look natural.  Blend...Blend..Blend.  If your are going to wear a weave own it and maintain it as if it is your own.
Love Kelly's hair in this picture, perfect color and blend for her

Tip 4

And last but not least the biggest tip that I can give is to not let your weave be your security blanket.   For years I have held onto my weave, because it made me feel prettier, or I wanted to fit in, or I just felt naked without it.  But the other day I thought to my self that it is time for a life style change, and as you will see in the next couple of post coming up I will be preparing my self for a challenge......so stay tuned!!!

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  1. speak on it! i myself just started wearing weaves and although i slightly disagree with the "no multi-colors" rule, i agree 103% with everything else! wearing a weave should NEVER define you let alone be your end all be all. they are cool is u want a quick change up but don't forget about what God gave u up underneath that thing. lolz be sure to let your hair breathe for about two weeks in between weaves and keep all ya homiez guessing what you are gonna do next!

    muchos besos KoKo. keep doin ya thing!