Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Flipper of the Week


This weeks Hair Flipper is my good friend Meaza (rhymes with plaza)!! She just recently cut her long curly hair off and I love it.  It gives her a new edgy look for her new amazing location in DC.  Obviously Meaza is gorgeous and would look good in any hairstyle, but she is definitely my inspiration to try something new :) ::hair flip::


  1. Her hair is really cute? But how can women with thicker less curly hair achieve beautiful short styles with little maintenance without spending a fortune?

  2. Hey Ms. Octavia! It all depends on the texture of your hair! Do you get perms? is your hair natural? There are a lot of products and styles that are very affordable and that you can do on your own. Send me a email and we can discuss this in more details :)